Advertising Boards 

Advertising Boards 

An advertising board is an excellent way to attract the attention of current and potential clients from afar.

Advertising boards can be produced from a variety of materials, e.g. plastic, organic glass, aluminium composite, MDF and stainless steel. As per the wishes of our clients, the advertising boards may come with LED lights installed or not. We can install the advertising boards both on the façade or roof of the building, near the entrance, inside or elsewhere.

  • Lightboxes
  • Consoles
  • Encrusted lightboxes
  • Volumetric (3D) letters
  • Vacuum formed billboard
  • Advertising columns
  • Organic glass billboard
  • Banners
  • Stands
  • Information boards
  • Volumetric logos 

All works come with a warranty.

Additional services:

  • Installation, technical maintenance and repairs in all the Baltic States 
  • Preparation of advertising projects and their coordination with the local administrations  

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