Milling / Laser Engraving

Milling / Laser Engraving

CNC milling is the process of machining various materials and parts of complex shapes. 

Technical characteristics:

  • Size of a single milled piece: 2×3 m
  • 3D milling also available 

Suitable materials:

  • Aluminum composite
  • Wood (MDP, LMDP, MDF)
  • Plastic (PVC board, polyester, polystyrene board, channel polycarbonate)
  • Organic glass
  • HPL board
Notes: we do not cut black metal.  

Laser cutting and engraving is a precision-based transfer of an inscription or an image onto the surface of the target object. Laser engraving is perfect for extra small texts that cannot be transferred using any other technology. Laser cutting produces small parts from organic glass or wood.

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